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Ringpump RP-HX series

RP-HX photo

Wide range of flow levels are possible by using different pump heads.
Docking of the pump head is quite easy. Just place it on the base component. No screw is necessarry.

Standard model (Spec 1)
Model No. Voltage
Discharge rate
Type IDxOD mm
RP-HXP5S-P4A-DC3VS 3 4 - 400 Silicone 0.5 x 1.5
RP-HX01S-1A-DC3VS 3 14 - 1,100 Silicone 1.0 x 2.0
* Discharge rate : When the motor speed is 20 - 4,000 pps at 1/4 micro step.
Spec 2
Model No. Discharge rate using the controller for RP-HX. (μL/min)
1/4 micro step 1/8 micro step
RP-HXP5S-P4A-DC3VS 10 - 400 5 - 200
RP-HX01S-1A-DC3VS 35 - 1,100 17 - 550
Outline drawing
RP-HX outline drawing
Mounting holes
RP-HX mounting holes
Discharge direction
RP-HX discharge direction

Motor controller and Frequency counter for RP-HX and RP-TX


RE-C100 photo

Stepping motor controller
for RP-HX and RP-TX


RE-F100 photo

Frecquency counter to display the puls frequency connecting with RE-C100.

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